Current Event 6/30/12

As the Euro 2012 Championship draws to a close, some are seeing a relationship between soccer and increase in German nationalism. Although Germany was defeated 2-1 in the semifinals by Italy, German soccer euphoria is echoed in the attitudes of Germans across the country, taking pride in their nationality. Some say that this display is not appropriate, but it is undeniable that since the 2006 World Cup hosted by Germany, patriotism has become a part of German life.
This patriotism is controversial. Some sociologists say nationalism has potentially dangerous repercussions, while others accept it as a part of developing German culture. Many do not know what to make of the new attitudes, while others see them as the beginning of a toxic new German attitude.
Only time will tell, but personally I agree with Diethelm Blecking, a sports scholar, who observes that the unification that soccer promotes and the passion for the sport is a subconscious response to youth searching for a constant and a community in the uncertainty of today's affairs. German culture identifies with soccer and with community, and from the way things are going now, the unified attitude of Germany might have more positive consequences than negative.


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