Current Event 7/7/12

A recent study shows that the German nation is gaining weight. 53% of women and 67% of men are overweight, leading to more concerns about a rise in obesity rates. Many people in stressful job or home situations overeat or eat unhealthy foods, and these situations are increasing in Germany. Some levels of obesity require medical treatment, and scientists are concerned about the possible medical repercussions of the trend, such as depression and cardiovascular disease. Children's obesity is also increasing; it is speculated that this is caused by too many hamburgers and french fries, and not enough time exercising.
Parents are encouraged to help their children eat healthy foods, and support groups and weight loss surgery are also cures for the fat specter.
Denmark, however, has instituted a fat tax for foods with high amounts of saturated fat, with some success. This may be an effective method for Germany, but German diets and lifestyles, especially those of lower economic classes, will need to change also to slim the nation down.


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