One Way Ticket, Yeah

It's happening! As of several days ago, I have a plane ticket to Germany! (It's actually a roundtrip ticket--sorry, Paul and John). My travel agent has been so accommodating and as a result, I have a fabulous ticket that is convenient for both me and my host family. I leave September 1, so I have the WHOLE summer before I leave. Although I have not yet held the plane ticket in hand, I will soon. 
A plane ticket is a HUGE motivator/wake-up call that I am actually going to Germany and need to think about it more (if that's possible). I'm working on brushing up my German as well as learning more, and I also get really excited thinking about what to pack and meeting my host family. I've also been in contact with some other students who will be in my district, which is thrilling. 
Not quite to the day-countdown stage yet, but we're getting there....

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