Current Event 6/10/12

German shop owners and workers have seen an increase in sales recently as a result of the upcoming Euro 2012 soccer championships. Additional sales are expected to reach 2 billion Euro, with new techniques, products and "bonus schemes." One worker has observed that candy is the biggest seller in Germany in order to collect "points." To win a collector's item cap, for instance, 11 jars of Nutella need to be bought to qualify. Breweries are also joining the scheme, and although sometimes the "point" system is overpriced, this does not discourage people from buying things they can collect. The system has actually drawn new customers to certain stores, especially those with children who long for the collectible items one can win.
The fervor of Germany regarding the sport of soccer (football) is evident through this article, as is the newfound success of the German shopping industry. This new sales tactic will do more to bolster the economy, but more importantly the German people has a strong cultural identity and emotional attachment to the sport, which will only increase as the Euro cup draws closer and more merchandise is sold.


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