Current Event 6/23/12

In a curiously ironic reflection of the current state of the eurozone, Germany defeated Greece Friday to advance to the semifinals of EURO 2012. This soccer championship is the fourteenth event to take place, and this year is hosted by Poland and the Ukraine. 26 matches are played. This year 16 countries have competed.
As of Friday, Germany defeated Greece after also defeating Denmark. Through a series of brilliant scores and "changes in the lineup," Germany was able to defeat Greece 4-2. Several new players, such as Marco Reus, were ecstatic to have both started and won their first EURO 2012 match.
Germany will face either Italy or England in the semifinals, which will be held on June 28.
Soccer--or football--mania is a huge cultural phenomenon in both Germany and Europe, and something I hope to experience in my exchange. European unity when it comes to soccer is also fascinating, as there is competition as well as cooperation regarding the sport. No doubt Germany hopes to win the championship, but I think that national and international ties are also strengthened by the EURO 2012 competition.


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