Current Event 5/5/12

Berlin, while being a vibrant tourist destination as well as a center of culture, attracts many students from all over the globe. However, in addition to diverse cultural exposure, students in Berlin get a good education: Berlin has ranked 8th out of 98 cities all over the world as a top city for students.
For students, Berlin is relatively inexpensive, with rent and other prices low compared to other EU countries. The diversity of both culture and educational opportunities makes it a fun and exciting place to be, and the increasing internationalization makes it an optimal city for students.
However, Berlin is not all fun and games. Some students say that it is hard to make friends as a foreigner, while others remark on the fact that Berlin is a poor city and facilities are run-down. Many continue to say that the "liberal atmosphere" of Berlin makes it a wonderful place to be a student, but the harsh reality of the job market makes it a harder place to live once students graduate.
Olaf Reupke, a coordinator for international students at the Technical University, says that the competitiveness of the German job market eventually causes most students to leave. Because of Berlin's high unemployment rate, students are not expected to receive jobs, and although some remain as interns, most leave the city to pursue opportunities elsewhere.
Berlin's role as a capital means that if it is attractive to students and other foreigners, it will be more prosperous. However, of-the-moment culture will not entice people to stay for long if they do not have jobs. The German job market must be enlarged in order to draw new, younger people to live in the city, expand the economy, and continue to allow culture to flourish.


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