Current Event 5/12/12

The Pirate Party, which has been rising to increasing domination all over the country, is predicted to be victorious again during the North Rhine-Westphalia parliamentary elections this weekend. The popularity of the party is also growing, due to other recent victories. Angela Merkel said, "We are taking the Pirates seriously."
Many appreciate the Pirates' attempts at transparency in government and the freshness it brings to the political scene, and supporters are not longer just young "computer nerds," but older people as well. However, some are skeptical that the Pirates may not be able to present feasible policies.
Areas that the Pirates hope to change include education, public transportation and welfare improvements, but the finalization of budgets has proved to be difficult, questioning the Pirates' effectiveness as a reform movement.
The presence of a new and growing political party in Germany could undermine current political power and possibly alter political stability. Unless the Pirates pull a radical act and their support increases dramatically, the threat to the current system will remain small. However, a decrease in support for mainstream political parties could jeopardize policies and missions that are important to increasing stability in the economies and social situations of nations in the EU.


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