Current Event 5/19/12

New French President Francois Hollande visited Germany this past week (an hour late for his meeting due to a lightning strike on the presidential plane), with messages of encouragement for Germany and France to cooperate on current EU issues. Both leaders remarked that having the two nations work together would be beneficial for current issues, especially in the economy. Growth is encouraged by both nations as a possible antidote to the crisis, but both leaders agreed to "moot" proposals in the next few weeks that "bolster" economic growth. Hollande said that he was "for budget seriousness" as well as growth. Regarding Greece, both leaders wish for the nation to remain in the Eurozone. However, the two leaders have very different views on how to handle crises such as those that have confronted Merkel and Hollande recently.
While Angela Merkel remains adamant that austerity measures will be beneficial in restoring economic order, Hollande encourages stimulus packages, a view that was discussed in his inaugural speech. These differences may be soothed, however, with the appointment of France's new Prime Minister, "Germanophile" Jean-Marc Ayrault.


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