Holy Heidenheim!

After a very exhausting weekend, "Inbox (1)" was not a very unusual thing to see once I finally sat down to check my email last night.
However, it soon became the best part of my day, when I realized that the email was from a German Rotarian from the small city of Heidenheim, in the south of Germany, to tell me that I would be an exchange student in Heidenheim an der Brenz, to use its full name, which is in Rotary District 1830.
This is where I will be living next year!!!!!!!!
I was informed that there are about 50,000 people in Heidenheim, which is part of Baden-Wurttemberg. It is several hours' drive from Munich, Ulm and Stuttgart.
It's so fantastic to actually have a place to think about! I have been looking at pictures and hope to hear soon about my school and host family.
To read more about the city, click here for the city website, or here for general information.
Here are some of the fruits of my frantic, ecstatic Googling:

Yes, I will be living in a town with a castle. 

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