Current Event 4/28/12

The Hanover Trade Fair this year will see some of the world's finest in trade and industry come together to see the situation of global finance and progress. At the forefront of progress are Germany and China, although the two nations are doing very different things. Because China is Germany's biggest export nation, positive relations between the countries are a priority. Germany also supplies China with machines and technology that are essential to China's continued growth. This growth, however, has caused China to begin producing its own machines--something that could narrow Germany's edge on the Chinese markets. The Trade Fair is an opportunity for Germany to see if China's machinery can compete with German  products, and although German companies have respect for Chinese industry, windmill producer Joachim Fuhrlander says they are not afraid. He says partnership and sharing are not going to break the bank for German companies.
Other German machinery on display at the Fair includes hydropower and power-amplifying robot hands for tricky and risky jobs.
The global economic presence of Germany is evidenced by their confidence and willingness to trade with China. Germany's strong industrial market's unwillingness to be fazed by "new talent" further demonstrates this confidence, and with confidence comes the assurance that the German economy is growing and changing while remaining stable and secure.


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