Current Event 4/14/12

On June 3, Berlin's Brandenburg Airport will open, and with it will come new opportunities, luxuries and issues specific to the 21st century. The issues, in fact, have already begun. Tegel, the current and popular airport in Berlin, will close when Brandenburg Airport opens. Although Tegel has many issues, as it was designed in 1965 and convenience was the primary concern. The "drive to your gate" design and priority of speed and practicality has become obsolete, and Brandenburg Airport will be more a place to spend time and shop, while travelers wait to depart. Although many fliers say that Tegel is easy to reach and navigate, others recognize that the current situation is not sufficient for the number of planes or for modern concerns such as airplane hijacking and more advanced security. Although many Berliners are sad to see their trusted and convenient airport become obsolete, many recognize the need for new space and design.
Airports are an important part of a city's culture, and Tegel is no exception. Commercialism will be the byword of Brandenburg Airport, which also shows a change in the mindset of Berlin's economy. Niklas Maak, of the Frankfurter Allegemeine Zeitung, says that the creation of the new airport is also "one of a series of misguided attempts to make Berlin more like other capitals." This could cause a drop in visitors if Berlin loses its charming persona. However, others believe that increased flights could bolster the economy, which would be excellent for Germany. Although Brandenburg Airport is important to Germany's reconstruction, Tegel's place in the hearts of Berliners must not be overlooked. The acceptance of progress is promising for Germany's future and economy, but attachment to the old and charming is also clear evidence that Germany's history and culture remain a strong and positive part of the country's national identity.


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