Von Deutschland!

Hallo alles!
Here I am, on my host family's computer for a quick blog post to tell you that I am here! I arrived Sunday morning to a very welcoming host family after a successful flight. We stopped at a little German cafe on the way home. I unpacked, ate a nice lunch (Germans frequently eat a hot meal at the noon hour) and then my host mother, father and sister took me on a tour of the local castle, Schloss Hellenstein, and then a ruin of another fortress, Rosenstein. After that, naturally, we had delicious cake and hot chocolate at the cafe at the top of the hill.
Hopefully in the next few days I will have completely gotten over my jet lag--as it is I have taken multiple random naps. Today we have gone shopping (Einkaufen) and also to the Rathaus to tell the Heidenheimians that I am here. Tomorrow I hope to get my residence permit (Visa). Heidenheim is an adorable city, lots of cafes and pigeons and shops for clothing and books. There is a Bio (Organic) shop also, and a library. I have not taken so many pictures, but I will post a few. On the docket for the next few days: possibly Ulm in the morning with my host sister, if I am not too tired; getting my Visa, buying a Händy (cell phone), and possibly meeting a member of the Rotary Club here, or a person from the school. I hope also to meet the other exchange students here.
Working on my language is going reasonably well, and I am trying to avoid US communication as much as possible (please keep comments brief). Another post will follow in a few days.

 Heidenheim, from above
 Schloss Hellenstein (note the tiny satellite dish)


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  1. Guten Abend mein freund! Your new digs sound wunderbar. I look forward to reading your further adventures! We are off to Seattle tomorrow (today to you!!)XOXOX