In Which I Attend School

On Monday I had the most exciting first day of school that I can remember. I have attended the Schiller-Gymnasium, a school which specializes in art and music, for four whole days now. The school is about 200 years old, with about 700 students from about ages 10-18. It is quite intimidating, with stone steps, high ceilings, and lots of German people speaking...well...German. The classrooms and atmosphere are quite different from my high school in the US, I have realized. I am in the 10th grade here, with 15 and 16 year olds. (In 11th grade Gymnasium students follow a more individualized course of study.) I will be studying History, Art, French, German, Music, Earth Science, English, Sport, Ethics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Choir, Political Philosophy, and Math. I jumped right in to classes, without much introduction but with promises of help whenever I need it. The students are also friendly, letting me share their books, translating and explaining when need be, and showing me around. Two other exchange students from Colombia and Argentina are also in my class, which is comforting.
After school we three inbounds have German class, with another student from the US. Then, generally, we like to have a little after-school snack.
So far my favorite gelato flavor is Erdbeere-Joghurt. 
This is me on the first day of school.
School here is much harder for me, as it is all in German (except English class), but I'm not very worried. You see, this is the view from my classroom window:

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  1. Hallo Emma: Hier ist Onkel Max und Kaelen! Wir lesen gerne dein Blog! Es freut uns das es dir gut in Deutschland gefaellt! Bis zum naechsten mal!
    Onkel Max und Kaelen