21 Days

3 weeks has never seemed to be such a long or such a short time. Since I have arrived in Germany, my senses have been assailed by the complete newness of this place, its sounds and sights and smells (the tastes, too...). Listening and comprehending became a job, that exhausted me and really, really made me want to go home.But this past week, I feel like something has changed. I've become closer with my host family, my class at school, and my beautiful city. It's not quite so hard to figure out what's going on anymore (except in Physics class).
I've become acquainted with the Brenz, the beautiful brook after which Heidenheim gets its name...
Last Saturday with my host father I visited a kleinen Dorf, where we naturally walked around...
...then hiked in the forest, where I continually expected to meet the cast of The Lord of the Rings around every corner...
...then, naturally, had a little something to eat.
The next day, I went with my host sister to a soccer game (it is a five minute walk to the stadium from my house), something so perfectly German I could not refuse. 
The people I saw there were so friendly and enthusiastic, and the refreshments were delicious! 
The rest of the week included adventures such as a cordial welcome at my first Rotary meeting (complete with schnitzel)...
...a successful visit at a bakery...
...and walking around Heidenheim in lovely weather, seeing the sights. 

Frequently I stop and have a moment where I realize, again, where I am. I realize that my hard work has paid off, the months of waiting are over, and I am exactly where I wanted to be for so long. Every time I understand a new word, take the correct bus home, see Schloss Hellenstein, walk up the spiral staircase in Schiller-Gymnasium, or order a Wurst in a restaurant, my exchange becomes more real. I can't tell if I'm becoming part of this place, or if this place is becoming part of me, but I know that somehow, it has become my home. 


  1. Thanks Emma! SO glad you have "settled". Keep those photos comin!

  2. Hallo Emma-
    Dein Blog ist super! Ich mag die vielen Fotos. Es freut mich das es dir in Heidenheim gefaellt.
    Onkel MAX

  3. ...and why am I feeling so hungry!?!