Springing (in the rain)

I woke up one morning and the trees had exploded. Exploded into an infinite number of greens, accompanied by rustling leaves, flowers, evenings spent outside with a grilled Wurst, and--finally--the sun.

The sun, warm and welcome, mixed itself intermittently with rain. 
By intermittently, I mean it rained about every two days. During school, on the weekends, at Rotary grilling parties...

...but as they say, after rain there is a rainbow. 
 And flowers...

...and blue skies...
...and so much green. 
I seem to be living a rainbow right now. My exchange, always woven as a tapestry of fabulous colors, becomes more brilliant every day, as I pack as many experiences, friends, photos and tastes as I can into the remainder of my time here. 

The turning of the seasons is always manifested in cultural celebrations, and Germany is no exception. Here I talked about my adventure at Oktoberfest, just a few weeks after my arrival in Germany. Now, almost nine months later, the Germans celebrate Frühlingsfest, or Spring Fest. 
Much of the celebration is the same: the scents of pommes, Wurst and chocolate-covered fruit...
...the shrieks of delight and terror issuing from the roller coasters and Ferris wheels...
the throngs of people clad in traditional German clothing, even people from Mexico, the US, and Spain.

I, too, donned a Dirndl, casually ordered my half a chicken, and sang along with my friends to the German folk music that filled the air. 

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