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The trial of five people belonging to and supporting a Neo-Nazi cell began last week in Munich, the largest such trial since WWII. The cell, led by Beate Zsch├Ąpe, is held responsible for the murders of ten people, including Greeks, Turks and a policewoman. Last Monday was the beginning of the trial, but an adjournment was quickly called for after the impartiality of  judges was questioned.
Emotions are still running high in the city, especially in the courtroom and families of the victims. However, a public commotion was not as high as anticipated, with only one episode, in which women armed with broken bottles demanded entry into the courtroom, requiring police intervention.
Both representatives of Turkish groups and Bavarian government representatives have voiced their disgust for the crimes committed, and their opinions that while Turks and other minority groups belong and are welcomed in Bavaria, these criminals certainly are not.
Citizens of Germany, whether minority groups or not, hope that the trial can solve racial conflicts as well as debates on race and immigration which have been increasing.


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