Very fast cars

On the 26. January, Rotex once again invited the district exchange students on an outing to experience some more German culture and history. This time, our destination was the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart.
From the time I learned I was going to Germany, many people automatically associated the country with cars; cars that were fast, innovative, and (for lack of a better word) cool. It seemed fitting that on this bitter January day, we head into an immaculate German museum to see some really fast cars.
Unleashing exchange students, all armed with cameras, onto a museum full of cars obviously meant that we spent most of our time taking photos of every single car, and photos of ourselves with every single car. 

Not only does Porsche make cars, they also design other items, such as vases...
...and airplane waiting seats.
We were allowed to sit in a Porsche (but not drive it, don't worry!) 

My buddy California and I were enchanted by the America Roadster. 
And I also liked the firetruck.

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