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After the elections in the state of Baden-Württemberg in late 2012, Andreas Stoch has been appointed as the new Kultusminister for Baden-Württemberg. He belongs to the SPD Green-Red party. Herr Stoch is the first Landesminister for Baden-Württemberg to come from the city of Heidenheim, which is where I am living.
Stoch will now be working in Stuttgart. Active in state and city politics for a while now, he will be focusing on educational reforms during his term. This includes the issues of the 8-year and 9-year gymnasiums, which have been controversial changes in the educational systems. He has already worked in the region of Heidenheim for these issues. Both the SPD party and the city of Heidenheim are very proud of his win and what it means for the history of Heidenheim, as well as the future of Baden-Württemberg.


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