Two Months And One Day, And Lots of Photos

Yesterday marked two months since I have landed in Germany. Time has flown by. I really feel like I live here now; I make my sandwich every morning,  and fold laundry like a pro. The last few weeks have been an adventure in small and big ways. On the small adventures side, I took the wrong bus home (it all turned out okay), bought new shampoo, and finally finished my German class. On the big adventures side, I went to an art museum, it snowed in Heidenheim, and we took a 'small trip' to two castles. Scenes and snapshots below.
I drank this cup of tea after school in a cafe that is about 400 years old. Check out the adorable menu!
I attended a ball with some friends from school. This was no US school dance.
Most people wore tuxedos or ballgowns, and there were crystal chandeliers.
On the way to a Rotary meeting.
Picasso exhibition at the Heidenheim Kunstmuseum.

Italian food with Rotary at 'La Strada.'
Schloss Lichtenstein--built by a Duke because he read a novel and wanted to reproduce the castle in it!

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  1. Kaelen, Tristan, Lisa und ich lesen sehr gerne dein Blog! Kaelen is neidisch das ihr shon Schee habt. Es freut uns das dir Deutschland und Heidenheihm so gut gefällt! Dein Onkel MAX