Another Weekend

This fifth weekend in Germany was just like the ones before it: exciting, spontaneous and full of new things.Saturday I took the train to Stuttgart to meet up with some other exchange students for Wasen (Oktoberfest). It was especially nice to compare Wasen with Wiesen, the Oktoberfest in Munich I attended last week.
I didn't take as many pictures as I did at Wiesen, but some things were nicer in Stuttgart (the festival is much smaller), such as the lovely German houses in the festival, the pommes (French fries) with delicious sauce, and an Almdudler, which is a kind of fizzy and delicious lemonade.                                             
After kicking around in Wasen, we took the U-Bahn into Stuttgart's Schlossplatz and admired the gorgeous view while eating an ice cream. I ordered Wafernut, but I pronounced it with a German accent. Turns out it was an English name. 

The next day my host family and I went to the Charlottenhöhle, a sort of large cave filled with stalagmites and stalactites. Although it was chilly inside, I didn't mind. You see, once I realized that I could sort of understand what the tour guide was saying, I felt toasty warm. 
If you look closely, you will see that on the left is a seal, and on the right a large birthday cake.
We also visited a geological museum, and I saw a dinosaur! And the tooth of a mammoth.

 And then I looked at this view, and I thought it was very beautiful. And then we came home.

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