Current Event November

Relationships are being tested in countries all over the world, and nowhere is this more evident than in the current situation with Israel and Palestine. The battling factions in the Middle East themselves are a stunning example of the breaking and severing of international ties, but allies of the different sides are also finding their loyalties tested and tried. For an example, turn to Germany and Israel. 
As a close ally of the nation since its founding in 1948, Germany has always stood behind Israel in issues of both foreign and domestic policy. The historic and political ties between the two countries are undeniable. 
Filmmaker Markus Vetter of Germany did an unexpected thing by filming Heart of Jenin in a Palestinian refugee camp, but it actually reflected the beliefs of some German people, whose opinions of Israel, Palestine  and the issues of the West Bank are changing despite the attitude of the German government. 
Some, while not opposed principally to Israel, are opposed to the occupation, and this has been reflected through German-led relief efforts for Palestinian refugees. There have been several protests of Israeli actions and the support of the German government thereof. 
On the other hand, the German government has openly proclaimed its support for Israel's actions regarding the Gaza Strip. It remains to be seen what happens with the ties of these nations, and those all over the world, regarding this conflict. 

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