Current Event 8/25/12

Two German filmmakers are standing up to the end of the world. The theory that the world will end on December 21, 2012 has captivated believers and skeptics alike, but Lilly Engel and Philipp Fleischmann  are on a mission to find out "99 Reasons Why The World Is Not Allowed To End." They have created a site, 99gruende.de, to catalog worldwide reasons from people who believe the world should not end. However, people who do believe in the end of the world are also in the film. The filmmakers have found that the German people are less skeptical of the Apocalypse, while the French are quite certain it is a hoax.
Many celebrities have been asked their opinion about the Apocalypse, notably Roland Emmerich, Germany's well-known Hollywood director and the mind behind the film '2012.' The filmmakers' next stop is North America, where they will compare opinions between the Old World and the New. The film is "against the end of the world," says Fleischmann, "humorous, humanistic, loving entertainment."
Another nod to Germany's increasingly modern and innovative culture scene, the film will air on December 21--if all goes well.


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