Current Event 3/10/12

Germany, which has been a central power in the world economy and in the Eurozone for quite a while now, has increased its industrial output more than economists predicted. After a 2.6% slump in production in December 2011, production has increased by 1.6% in three months.
Because of the current European debt crisis, which is forecast to shrink the European economy by 0.3% in 2012, Germany's economic rebound is welcome and reassuring. Possibly the mild winter may have something to do with Germany's early construction, which began in January of this year and was increased by 4.3%. 
Germany's economic recovery, while bolstering the German national economy, also means a lot to the entire Eurozone. The economic stability of Germany means security for nations such as Greece and Spain, who depend on Germany as a stable figure in the European debt crisis. A rise in German economic ratings would benefit the country as well as giving hope to indebted and chaotic European nations. The economic and industrial swing and recovery of Germany sets an example and acts as a beacon of hope for financially struggling countries in Europe.


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