Current Event 2/4/12

This week, Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, recieved the highest approval ratings she has gotten in two years. While exciting for Merkel because it means that people like her and what she is doing, this development also is a significant indicator of current German status and attitudes. 
Approval ratings in any country show the will and mood of the people. In Germany, not only are these ratings high, but they are remarkably high, and very different from previous surveys taken. Angela Merkel is a controversial leader who has taken many debatable positions in the EU debt crisis, however Germany's continuously strong economy has led her own voters to acknowledge her as a strong leader. I think this signals a good future for Germany, as a confident and content people makes for a more stable country. This also will bode well for Merkel's support in impeding dealings and issues. Approval ratings for Christian Wulff, German President, were much lower, suggesting a turn toward Merkel's sensible politics rather than the scandalous life of Wulff. 
All in all, this event is a positive thing for Germany and forebodes good things ahead for the republic. 

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